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BHer argument is as follows. Section 2.1 of the Cohasset bylaw defines as area or parcel of land in one ownership defined by metes and bounds or boundary lines in a recorded deed or recorded plan. The plaintiff then notes a different section of the Cohasset bylaw (section 5.3.2[ii], establishing protection in relationship to some 1985 area amendments), which refers to plan for such lot . Laidlaw had a natural ability to see the plain problems. There was a monopoly in the rail business and something as fundamental as firewood was stupidly expensive at a time when there were miles and miles of forest not far from downtown Toronto. As if that wasn't bad enough, the established railways were moving freight from the United States for less than they were charging Ontario companies.. Even though you want to hate them, it's hard not to feel a small tug of approval at the sight of these Resume Gods. Their expressions are so open and confident; their teeth are a tribute to the magnificence of American orthodonture; and since the Times will only print photographs in which B

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